We’ve discussed the major changes in patch 8.15, but now it’s time to talk about how the changes could impact LCS pro play. Akali’s rework is the biggest change this patch. She doesn’t usually see much attention in the LCS and her rework isn’t likely to change that. Crowd control and team coordination are still relatively easy ways to keep her in check, and if she is kept in check in the early game, then her late game potential is almost nonexistent.

Akali’s most powerful weapon is her ability to 1v1. In solo queue, that’s great. But the professional meta is so focused on team fights and stability that she’s unlikely to become a regular on any LCS stage.

ADC Marksmen Are Ready to Make Their Return

The biggest impact patch 8.15 brings is in regards to the marksmen items. ADCs like Doublelift and Rekkles have been plagued by the marksmen nerfs that came earlier in the season. Now though, a handful of marksmen items have been reduced in price and some have even received buffs. This is likely to bring some of the neglected ADCs back into the rotation. Twitch, Kog’Maw and Vayne could all see the light of day once again.

That also means that the marksmen who’ve already been seeing more play recently (such as Varus, Lucian, Jhin and Jinx), might become even more dominant in the bot lane. The changes aren’t massive, but they might be enough to make ADCs more relevant again.


The last update that will surely be impacting pro play is the change to the Monster Hunter restriction. Before, if you had the most individual total gold on your team as the jungler, lane minion kills would grant 10 less gold. This was in response to the gold funnel strat the was dominating the LCS. However, it had the unintended consequence of penalizing ganking junglers who built up a natural gold lead.

Now, the Monster Hunter restriction will only effect junglers if they have the highest minion score, not the highest gold. This could allow a modified version of the gold funnel strat to return to pro play. But even if it doesn’t, at least it’ll no longer penalize most innocent junglers.

A couple other small changes that are likely to impact pro play are the nerf to Fiddlesticks’ Dark wind (E), the Irelia range nerfs and base stat buffs, Kindred’s nerfs and the Stopwatch activation time increase from eight to ten minutes.

You can read more about the 8.15 patch notes in our review.

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