The NA LCS summer split All-Pro teams have been announced. On the first team are Ssumday, Xmithie, Jensen, Doublelift and Aphromoo. There’s not too much of a surprise here, especially in the bot lane choices.

Then on the second team it’s Licorice, Dardoch, PowerOfEvil, Sneaky and Zeyzal. Sneaky was the main surprise with this one. As someone who was benched early on and only played part of the split, he was certainly a dark horse for any all-pro team.

Rounding out the third team are Impact and Flame tied for the top lane and then Santorin, Bjergsen, Zven and Olleh.

Doublelift recieved the most first place votes in the NA LCS summer split All-Pro team voting

There’s a pretty considerable drop-off from the first team to the second, but there seems to be very little between second and third. The biggest drop-off in votes by far is between the first and second team ADCs. Doublelift received 134 total points and Sneaky received just 48.

One of the most obvious factors that impacted voting was recency. C9 had a dreadful start to the split, but their strong late showing nabbed them four spots between the first and second teams. On the other hand, Echo Fox had a great start to the split but an awful finish. Thus it was no surprise to see them earn only one spot across the three teams.

Overall, there weren’t any major surprises from the All-Pro team announcements. Blaber and WildTurtle both feel like they could have made at least the third team, but then Santorin and Zven would be in their same position. The same could be said for Flame and Biofrost among others.

You can see a PDF of the full NA LCS summer split All-Pro team voting results here.

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