The NA LCS quarterfinals are finally here. After four tiebreakers, the stage is set for Echo Fox vs TSM and 100 Thieves vs FlyQuest.

Interestingly enough, these matchups were also the first tiebreakers we saw last weekend. In those games, Echo Fox and 100 Thieves emerged victorious. Those were the tiebreakers though and playoffs are a different story.

Echo Fox and 100 Thieves will still be the favorites going into their matches, but anything can happen in a best of five series. One thing is for sure, 100 Thieves are certainly going to be more favored in their matchup than Echo Fox. They’re going up against an inexperienced FlyQuest squad who, despite a strong win/loss record, looked shaky at times throughout the split.

FlyQuest are going to need be consistent if they want to steal the series, something they haven’t been all split. But if they can be, then WildTurtle and his team are more than capable of taking down 100T.

Unlike FlyQuest, TSM won’t be big underdogs. The franchise is arguably the best in the history of NA and the current TSM team has more raw talent than just about anyone else in the league. Granted, they haven’t been able to convert that talent into wins as often as they’d like this year, but they certainly have an incredibly high ceiling.

The only team with a potentially higher ceiling is their opponent in the quarterfinals, Echo Fox. With Huni, Dardoch, Damonte, Smoothie and Lost, Echo Fox has the potential to be amazing. Unfortunately, they’re also overtly hit and miss. Huni has played well below expectations this year and the Smoothie/Lost bot lane hasn’t been quite as good as some had hoped.

Echo Fox need the best of Dardoch and Huni in the quarterfinals

Dardoch has been one of the best junglers in North America throughout the summer split, but he hasn’t always been consistent. While he’s shown he can be one of the top junglers in the region, he’s also been too inconsistent.

In the TSM vs Echo Fox matchup, it’ll all depend on which team’s show up to play. Either has the skill to win, but neither has the consistency to be called overwhelming favorites.

Catch Echo Fox vs TSM on Saturday starting at 2 PM PST. Then on Sunday it’s FlyQuest vs 100 Thieves at 12 PM PST.

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