Misfits are in shambles. Since suffering their first loss of the season to Fnatic in week 5, their record is 1-3 and they’re in the midst of a three game losing streak. While they’ve all but guaranteed themselves a playoff spot, they still have a long way to fall down the standings.

Currently tied for first place, Misfits are only one win ahead of Schalke, G2 and Vitality. On top of that, two of their final four games are against G2 and Vitality. But first, they’ll have to take on H2K following the team’s first win of the season. Normally Misfits would be the heavy favorites, but H2K looked like a different squad in both of their week 7 games and they could give Misfits a run for their money.

A loss to H2K would be devastating for Misfits. Not only would it be demoralizing, but it would also force them into a tie with either Schalke or Vitality (who play each other on Friday).

Misfits appear to have forgotten how to play League of Legends

It’s tough to point to a single reason for Misfits’ decline. They’ve performed poorly both individually and as a team. Hans Sama has managed only one kill in the past three games and has a combined stat line of 1/6/6. Even his support has managed to get more kills than he has. And Alphari in the top lane has been even worse. He hasn’t recorded any kills in the last three games and also has six deaths to his name. Maxlore and Sencux have slightly more respectable KDAs, but it hasn’t been enough.

What Misfits desperately need is a reset. They don’t need to be perfect in the last two weeks of the split, they simply need to get on the right track. They demonstrated early in the summer that they’re capable of being among the best in the EU LCS, now they just need to get back there.

Wins against H2K and Roccat are a necessity and if they can beat either Vitality or G2, then they should be able to hold onto a top seed going into playoffs.

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