It’s tough to say exactly what went wrong with CLG in 2018. They weren’t the worst team and they never felt like an automatic win for other teams, but they just weren’t very good when it came down to it.

They were certainly consistent though. CLG had records of 7-11 in both the spring and summer splits and finished both splits stronger than they started.

The biggest thing CLG has going for them is their Academy team. CLGA was one of the best teams in Academy this year and they have some of the most LCS-ready players. Fallenbandit and Wiggily in particular will almost certainly find themselves on the main stage next year.

With Stixxay, BioDaddy Biofrost and Huhi already locked in place, CLG has a solid core of quality and experience. They’re a more talented group than their 7-11 records suggest, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is results and this year CLG just couldn’t produce.

Luckily, they have all the tools in place to make 2019 a better year. Adding Wiggily to the roster should help their jungle play and Fallenbandit will have to compete for a spot in the top lane with Darshan.

Unless CLG can land a really great player, they don’t need to be looking outside of the organization for answers. Based on the occasional stellar performances that we saw glimpses of this year, CLG has all the pieces they need in front of them. Now it’s just a matter of fitting them altogether.

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