Patch 8.17 is here and that means the Nunu rework is finally upon us. The Boy and his Yeti are the biggest change in this patch, but they might not be the most impactful. With other changes to popular champs and runes, the meta had a small but noticeable shift with 8.17.

The Stormrazor nerf is likely to have the most comprehensive change to the meta in this patch. Several champions have it in their primary build and reducing guaranteed crit damage and attack damage is sure to shake things up. That being said, Stormrazor’s attack speed was increased from 25% to 35%. That’s a big jump for champs that prioritize speed over upfront damage.

Duskblade also saw a small rework in 8.17. Proc damage was decreased and lethality was increased in another attempt from Riot to decrease upfront damage.

As for champions; Annie, Bard, Fiora, Garen, Irelia, Kassidin, Kayn, Yi, Rengar, Varus, Wukong, Yorick, Taric and Nunu all received tweaks. Other than Nunu, the most noteworthy changes were seen by Annie, Irelia, Kassadin, Varus, Fiora and Yorick.

Annie’s attack range was increased by 50. A change that should help her trade better in lanes and might even reintroduce her as a viable support pick in some select situations. Irelia also got a boost to her laning phase with her Q damage to minions increasing from 70% to 100%.

Irelia’s new Divine Sword skin

League of Legends New Irelia Skin Patch 8.17

From Riot

The cooldown to Kassadin’s R was reduced for the early and mid game. Since he was already growing in popularity both in the LCS and in solo queue, this will all but guarantee him even more screen time.

Then there’s Varus, another champion who frequents the professional ranks. His base health was nerfed but his health regrowth saw a small increase. He’ll be squishier than ever now and pairing him with a protective support just became even more important.

Last up are Fiora and Yorick. Yorick’s solo queue presence is about to take a major hit with the major nerf to his early game Mist Walkers, but this isn’t likely to impact the pro scene much. Fiora on the other hand is a little more interesting. The sizeable buffs to the crit damage on her E might be enough to push her solidly into the meta.

And if your a big fan of skins, the new High Noon and Divine Sword skins from this patch are certainly worth checking out.

You can read the full Patch 8.17 notes here.

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