LoL patch 8.16 was all about balance. A lot of tanks got buffs and a few OP champs got major nerfs. The Nexus Blitz Alpha was also released and burst Runes took a bit of a hit.

We’ll start with the only tank who got at least a partial nerf in this patch, Tahm Kench. The River King has seen a lot of attention in pro play recently and that’s likely what this change was targeting. While the slow duration and cooldown of his Q were reduced just a bit, Devour is where the real changes came in. Devour duration was cut to a constant four seconds and the cool down was increased to 28/25/22/19/16. This likely means we’ll be seeing considerably less Tahm Kench on the LCS stage.

For most other tanks, 8.16 was a good patch. Sion, Rammus, Nautilus, Leona and Amumu all landed minor buffs. None of the changes are likely to be significant enough to bring any of the champs into the God Tier,  but they’re at least enough to make tanks a viable situational option in the meta once again.

The nerfs from patch 8.16 are a lot more likely to have an immediate impact than the buffs. Aatrox, Fizz, Hecarim, Orianna, Quinn, Rakan, Taliyah, Trundle, Tryndamere, Wukong and Zoe all got taken down a peg this week. The Fizz, Hecarim, Tryndamere and Wukong nerfs should make solo queue players especially happy. Each of these champs have been a pain to deal with all summer, so making them a little less OP is a welcome change.

Patch 8.16 Highlights


Aatrox, Orianna, Rakan, Taliyah and Trundle are all frequently seen in pro play and these nerfs will certainly impact that. Aatrox and Taliyah in particular are likely to see less bans. Ironically, that might mean we actually seem more of them on the rift.

Then there’s Zoe. Just about everyone agrees that she’s massively overpowered. The base damage of her passive took a major hit and her W was reduced from 0.55 ability power to 0.4. It’s not a monumentaal change, but enough to make her a little more bearable.

Patch 8.16 also introduced the alpha playtest of Nexus Blitz. The new game mode is scheduled to be up for about four weeks. It’s visually pretty ugly and is full of glitches, but as an alpha playtest, that’s to be expected. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

With patch 8.16 behind us, we can look forward to 8.17 and the Nunu rework coming in just a couple weeks.

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