The LoL 8.15 patch notes dropped this week and it’s all about Akali and Marksmen. The heavily hyped redesign of Akali finally went live with this patch and it’s everything assassin fans could’ve hoped for. Not only is new Akali loaded with badass mechanics, but she also looks better than ever.

Unfortunately, that means that playing against her is still unyieldingly annoying. Her ability to avoid tower aggro and some targeted attacks means that she can tower dive like no one else. It also makes her one of the most lethal 1v1 champs and gives players about a million ways to execute the outplay.

Akali isn’t the only champ getting attention in 8.15. Irelia also received a pretty sizable rework. Both her Q and E were given range nerfs, while her R saw a range buff. Her E and Q also saw their damage decreased, but her base health and attack damage were increased to compensate.


Stinger Akali Is Only One of the Many New Looks for the Champ

Stinger Akali Splash Art

From Riot Games

On a more general note, Marksmen items received quite a bit of love in 8.15. Infinity Edge, Stormrazor, Rapid Firecannon, Statikk Shiv, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Mercurial Scimitar all saw their costs decrease. Essence Reaver is still the same price, but its attack damage has been increased from 70 to 75.

For junglers, you can rejoice in the rework of the controversial Monster Hunter restriction. Previously, if the jungler had the most gold on the team, they were denied 10 minion gold. Now, only if you have the highest minion score on your team will lane minion kills grant you 10 less gold. It’s not a perfect fix, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Other 8.15 updates include new Pool Party skins for Gangplank, Zoe and Caitlyn. Plus the usual small champion, rune and item changes. You can read the full 8.15 patch notes here.

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