LoL Patch 8.19 is the Worlds patch and it’s finally here. With it come a few more buffs than expected, especially to a couple already strong champions.

The two most notable buffs were to Darius and Pyke. Both champs are already pretty strong and both just got even stronger. The damage from Pyke’s R was increased at early rank and Darius saw buffs to W and E. Crippling Strike now does more attack damage throughout the game and Apprehend has higher armor penetration at every level.

Nunu and Fiora also saw pretty sizeable buffs. Fiora’s early game got a little better with increased healing ability and her Q once again prioritizes champions and vital procs over killable minions. Nunu’s Q and E both saw AP buffs that’ll hopefully make his AP build just as viable as his tank build.

Other buffed champs include Kha’Zix, Elise, Jarvan, Janna, Thresh and Kog’Maw. Thresh should be stronger in the early game now and Kog’Maw’s movement speed was finally increased, along with a range buff to his R.

The only champion to get a real nerf for the Worlds patch was Tahm Kench. His base health took a sizeable hit, but his health growth was increased a small amount. Combined with his other recent nerfs, this might finally be enough to boot him from the meta.

The only item change came to Liandry’s Torment. The item’s passive max HP burn was increased, but its AP was decreased.

The Championship Kha’Zix skin was also released for this patch and it’s pretty spectacular.

Check out the full LoL Worlds patch notes here.

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