KT Rolster have defeated Griffin 3-2 and won the 2018 LCK Summer Finals.

KT Rolster has triumphed, acquiring its first domestic title in four years. Since KT Arrows miracle OGN Champions final against Samsung Galaxy Blue in the summer of 2014, KT has fallen short of expectations time and time again. “I won’t get excited about KT” had gone from meme to mantra.

As champions of the 2018 LCK Summer Finals, KT has vindicated itself of past disappointment and achieved its ultimate goal.

The Uncrowned King

KT Rolster’s victory is extra special for longtime fans: after a six-year career, Go “Score” Dong-bin has secured his very first OGN title. This is also Score’s first major tournament win of any kind, excluding KT’s victory in the 2017 KeSPA Cup.


Photo by InvenGlobal

In a post-game interview with OGN, Score was asked how he felt after winning the 2018 LCK Summer Finals:

Many years have passed, and I finally got my hands on an LCK title. I marched on without giving up, and I feel that I’m finally given my reward. Thanks to today, I’ll be motivated even further to work harder as a professional gamer.

Score’s vigilance will be necessary for the coming weeks. By defeating Griffin in the 2018 LCK Summer Finals, KT Rolster has qualified for the 2018 World Championship. As the #1 seed from the most dominant region in history, KT Rolster still has plenty to prove before the season’s end.

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