Svenskeren and Goldenglue are Academy champions, they lead their LCS team to a 3-2 comeback win in the semis last weekend and they’re on their way to the finals and probably Worlds.

But how good are they really? Are they just benefiting from a strong team around them? Or are they the stars of an already star studded squad?

First of all, the stats suggest that they’re both pretty damn good. Goldenglue in particular has been on fire this split in the LCS and Academy. The coup de grâce was in the semifinals when he outperformed the perennial best mid laner in NA, Bjergsen.

When he starts on the Cloud9 LCS team, Goldenglue is replacing the first team all-pro mid laner in Jensen. But Jensen wasn’t the only one who got first team votes. Despite only playing in a handful of LCS games, Goldenglue still received multiple votes for the first and third team.

Goldenglue received votes from Huhi, Pobelter and others

So not only does Goldenglue have strong stats (including one of the top KDAs in the league), but he’s also respected by other players, coaches and media.

The biggest caveat to his talent has always been his ability to perform on stage. Goldenglue has been labeled a ‘scrim god’ in the past, but he’s often struggled on in competitive matches. This split though, he’s been a god no matter the circumstances.

Svenskeren is in a slightly different boat. He’s proven himself worthy of a spot on an LCS team, but his value is also boosted by his chemistry with Goldenglue. The Swole Bros. as they’ve come to be known, have more chemistry than just about any other duo in the LCS. But Goldenglue has certainly garnered more respect and better stats.

The Swole Bros. are NA’s most dynamic duo

While his stats are solid enough, Svenskeren isn’t counted among the top junglers in the league. If anything, he falls onto the lower end of the individual talent spectrum for the NA LCS.

One of the most interesting aspects of the offseason will be seeing what happens with Goldenglue, Svenskeren, Jensen and Blaber. It’s unlikely that the Cloud9 organization will be able to hold onto all four of them and the market for top NA mid laners will be hot.

Whatever happens, Goldenglue has proven that he deserves the chance to be a full-time starter on an LCS team. And if any team could steal him and Svenskeren away from C9, then the Swole Bros. might be poised to take over the NA LCS in 2019.

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