The Golden Guardians were the worst NA LCS team in 2018. They weren’t as bad as H2K in the EU, but they were still pretty bad. Finishing with a 5-13 record in summer, the new organization just couldn’t capture the magic that some of the other new teams could.

That being said, the Golden Guardians aren’t actually that bad for being a last place team. The skill gap between them and Team Liquid is much smaller than H2K and Fnatic, for example. A few small changes in the offseason and GGS could easily find themselves in the playoffs next year.

GGS Finished Last Place in the Spring and Summer Splits

To start things off, the Guardians need a superstar catalyst. Contractz, Matt and Lourlo are a good base, but they need a superstar to play around. Whether it’s a stellar mid laner or ADC, GGS need at least one superstar on their roster.


Ideally, they’d find themselves a mid laner to fill that role. The mid lane was a struggle for GGS all season and they need to fill that hole no matter what. If they can nab someone like Goldenglue or an international mid laner, their squad would instantly improve.

The Guardians also need an influx of confidence from somewhere on their team. A big personality who can will the team to victory and remind the rest of the NA LCS that GGS aren’t a free win could do wonders for the team.

Overall, things could be a lot worse for the Guardians. For a last place team, they have a lot of potential and aren’t far from being a playoff team. If they make the right moves in the off-season, 2019 could be an exciting sophomore year for the Golden Guardians.

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