FlyQuest surprised a lot of people with their playoff run in the summer split. Unfortunately, they fizzled out in the playoffs and didn’t earn enough points to make it into the gauntlet. Regardless, FlyQuest will be a team to watch in 2019 and could be a real contender.

With a diverse squad and a star ADC, what can FlyQuest do in the offseason to ensure a strong showing next year?

Play Around the Turtle and Santorin

WildTurtle was in peak for for most of the summer split. He just missed making an all-pro team thanks to strong late showings from Sneaky and Zven, but he’s still no doubt a top ADC in North America. Santorin surprised a lot of people with his fantastic jungle play and earned himself a spot on the third team all-pro. Not to mention he was starting over LCS veteran Meteos.

FlyQuest needs to play into the strengths of WildTurtle and Santorin. They won too many base races and 50-50 matches this year because they didn’t play to their strengths early enough. If they can solidify their play through WildTurtle and Santorin, they should be able to win more games with relative ease.

Secure a Star Mid Laner

Keane is a perfectly okay mid laner, but he isn’t great and he’s likely the biggest weakness on FlyQuest. Strong mid laners are hard to come by in North America, but if FlyQuest could manage to nab someone like Goldenglue, then they might transform into an instant favorite.

Don’t Forget About Flame

FlyQuest has one of the most well rounded teams in NA and Flame is a big part of that. Santorin and the rest of the team can leave him on an island without worrying about losing top lane or falling far behind. Flame’s ability to split push played a big part in several of the team’s wins during summer and he’s a viable win condition in himself. With so many ways to win, FlyQuest is one of the more difficult teams to prepare for and that makes them especially dangerous.

Don’t Regress

Simultaneously the easiest and most difficult thing FlyQuest has to do this offseason is not regress. They were tremendously better in the summer vs the spring, even though they changed relatively little over the short break. The worst thing the team could do in the next three months is to regress to where they were in the spring.

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