It’s over. It’s finally over. The H2K losing streak, the second longest losing streak in the history of EU, ended on Saturday when they took down Splyce. Despite giving up first blood and three kills before nabbing one for themselves, H2K still managed to pull off the upset.

Just last year, Origen set the record with 14 straight losses. H2K’s week 7 match with Splyce was their last opportunity to avoid tying that record.

It wasn’t an easy win by any means. H2K only had a 1,200 gold lead at the 22-minute mark. They were down in kills, but up in objectives at that point. Then they grabbed an uncontested baron and things really began to swing in their favor.

Clearly though, H2K weren’t used to having leads late in the game. Even though they had a dominant gold lead, three dragons and two barons, they were still struggling to close the game out. Not even an ace and a triple kill from SmittyJ in the 32nd minute was enough to secure the win. It took a second ace and a triple kill from Larssen for H2K to finally destroy their first Nexus of the split.

It took seven weeks, but they finally did it.

Thanks to an 0-2 weekend from Roccat, Splyce were still able to hold onto the sixth place spot in the standings, but they’ll have to fight hard if they want to keep it. They face Roccat and Fnatic next weekend, then they finish the season off in week nine against Schalke and Giants Gaming. Wins against Roccat and Giants should be enough to secure them a playoff spot, but a third win would guarantee them a spot.

As for H2K, they’ve been out of the playoff race for a while now thanks to their 0-13 start. Next week they’ll face two of top teams in Europe in Misfits and G2 Esports. Then their split ends with Unicorns of Love and Schalke. But all that really matters for them is that they got their win. The rest of the split should see them experimenting and preparing for next year.

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