The H2K losing streak has been extended to 12 games. Despite a good draft and decent early game, H2K were just no match for a powerful Roccat squad on Friday. Then on Saturday, they fell to one of the best teams in Europe, Fnatic.

H2K were able to draft Kindred, Kai’Sa and Aatrox in Friday night’s match. Despite the recent changes Aatrox received in 8.14, that’s still a pretty OP team. But even with Memento making some questionable plays and missing at least two easy ganks, they just weren’t able to do anything with it.

Norsekeren was nearly unstoppable on Tahm Kench, roaming and gobbling up any of his teammates that found themselves in harms way. Then Roccat secured the baron after a team fight in the 20th minute and it was all over from there. They fought their way to a perfect ace a couple minutes later and captured the nexus in 24 minutes. Roccat improved to 6-5 and H2K fell to a dismal 0-11.

Saturday’s match against Fnatic was only a little better. H2K were able to contain Caps, but it was Bwipo who exploded for 11 kills in the bot lane. The game went 29 minutes and saw H2K playing catch up for the majority of the match.

Not Even H2K’s Twitter Is Confident in Their Team

H2K now find themselves in second place on the EU all time losers list. The only team left ahead of them is Origen, who dropped 14 in a row last year in the spring split. Unfortunately for H2K, they don’t have an easy schedule from here on out. They’ll face the dominant G2 Esports next Friday, then it’s on to Splyce on Saturday.

Splyce next week and Unicorns of Love in week nine represent H2K’s best chances to win this split. If they lose to both of those teams, there’s a real chance that H2K could go winless for the summer.

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