It’s been a rocky year for G2, but things came together for them on Sunday as they took down Schalke 3-1 and secured the final EU slot for Worlds. It wasn’t a particularly clean series, but G2 played well enough and at the end of the day Schalke’s performance just wasn’t up to par.

The top side of the map was an especially weak area for Schalke on Sunday. Amazing went 0/9/6 in the team’s three losses and Vizicsacsi had a stat line of 2/11/5 in those same games. It wasn’t simply a matter of Jankos and Wunder playing insanely well for G2 either. Jankos had three really solid games, but Wunder’s performance was pretty average overall.

The only player to really show up for Schalke was Nukeduck. He carried his team to victory in the second game of the series with a 9/1/8 performance on Urgot and held his own against Perkz in the other three games as well, but it simply wasn’t enough.

The Schalke bot lane was another problem area for the team. Upset and Vander looked like one of the strongest duos in the league over the last month or so, but they were shut down by G2’s Hjarnan and Wadid this weekend.

G2 took down Schalke and Splyce in the EU Gauntlet

It wasn’t all about Schalke’s lackluster performance though. G2 looked solid in each of their matches and didn’t have any glaring weaknesses. Perkz popped off on Cassiopeia twice, notching 11 kills and zero deaths for himself in those games. And overall, G2 did enough to earn themselves the third and final EU seed for Worlds.

Still, G2 will need to be nearly flawless at Worlds if they want to compete. Their skill ceiling is far lower than many of the teams who will be there. But if they can be consistent and avoid mistakes, then they’ll have a shot at advancing out of the group stage at the very least.

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