The EU LCS Semifinals are here and there’s one big question on everyone’s mind. Which teams will show up to play? Will it be the Misfits squad that started the season undefeated and stomped G2 last weekend? Or the Misfits team that couldn’t win a game for nearly a month?

As for Fnatic, who will actually show up to play on stage? Will it be Rekkles, Bwipo or some combination of the two? And will the rejuvenated Vitality be able to play up to the lofty expectations they’ve set, or did they peak too early?

It’s been a build up filled with questions, but now it’s almost time for all the answers.

First up it’s Vitality vs Schalke on Friday. Vitality surged late in the season thanks to some incredible play from Kikis. They snatched second place and a bye from the grasp of Schalke and now it’s time for Schalke to find revenge.

The team will have to perform better than they did against Splyce in the quarterfinals, but if Nukeduck and the gang are at the top of their game, it could spell trouble for Vitality.

Vitality are confident, but Schalke are determined

Then on Sunday it’s Misfits vs Fnatic. Before last week’s matches, Fnatic would have been easy favorites against whoever they faced in the semifinals. But after an incredible performance from Misfits and Hans Sama in particular, Fnatic fans shouldn’t be too confident.

Misfits struggled mightily throughout the second half of the season, but that’s all in the past now. When they’re at their best, Misfits are one of the top teams in Europe and the world. If Hans Sama and Mikyx can manage to keep the Fnatic bot lane under control, then they’ll stand a good chance at winning the series.

Fnatic won’t go down easy though. Whether it’s Bwipo, Rekkles or some combination of the two, there’s a lot more to Fnatic than just their bot lane. Caps is one of the best mid laners Europe has ever seen and Broxah is having a stellar campaign in the jungle.

Misfits vs Fnatic is setting up to be one of the best EU matchups we’ve seen all year.

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