After eight intense weeks, the EU LCS playoff picture is finally taking shape. The top six teams are all guaranteed a playoff spot, but no one’s position in the standings is secured.

Fnatic are in the driver’s seat with a record of 12-4. If they win both of their games this weekend, they’ll secure the top spot and guarantee themselves a first-round bye. Then things start to get a little more complicated. There’s currently a three-way tie for the second place spot. Schalke, Misfits and G2 are all sitting with 11-5 records.

For schalke, things are looking good. They’ve won five straight games and are undoubtedly the hottest team in the league. The opposite is true for Misfits. Losers of their last four games in a row and five of their last six, the sudden decline of Misfits has taken everyone by surprise. And with Vitality and Roccat still on their schedule, things could get even uglier for the team.

Then there’s G2. They’ve been hot and cold all split, but it looks like they’ve finally got things back under control. Their last game of the split is against Vitality and it will almost certainly decide the seeding of both teams.

Rounding out the playoff teams is Splyce. They only just pulled away from Roccat in the last two weeks and they’re certainly the weakest team of the six. Still, Splyce has shown occasional moments of brilliance throughout the summer split and they’ll hold significant upset potential in playoffs.

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