After a weekend full of upsets and tiebreakers, the EU LCS playoff schedule has finally been confirmed.

Friday’s games went mostly as expected with the favorites winning each game and Vitality taking the toss-up matchup between themselves and Misfits. Then on Saturday things really started to heat up.

Schalke and Fnatic, arguably the top two teams in Europe, where each massively upset by two of the worst EU teams this year. H2K picked up only their second win of the season when they destroyed the seemingly unstoppable Schalke squad. Then Unicorns of Love became only the second team since week 5 to take down Fnatic.

On top of that, Roccat were able to beat Misfits and Vitality beat G2. All those upsets set up a wild day of tiebreakers for the second playoff bye on Sunday.

Vitality shocked everyone out of the gate when they shut down Schalke. They went on to beat G2 after that and secured the second seed and a bye. Schalke took down G2 in the final tiebreaker and finished third at the end of the summer split.

Vitality and Fnatic earn first-round byes

At the end of all the games, Fnatic and Vitality took the top two spots and the byes. Schalke finished in the third spot, G2 in fourth, Misfits in fifth and splyce in sixth. The Misfits’ fall from grace was completed with their final 0-2 weekend and G2 and Schalke were reminded of just how good the new and improved Vitality is.

The quarterfinals will start this Friday with Schalke vs Splyce. Then on Saturday it’s G2 vs Misfits. The winners will advance to the semifinals to take on Fnatic and Vitality in Madrid.

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