Anytime we see G2 vs Fnatic on the schedule, you can be certain it’ll be our game of the week. These are two of the all-time best teams in Europe and they have a score to settle.

G2 Esports were crushed by Fnatic in the finals of the spring split. They weren’t even able to pull out a single victory. Then in week three of the summer split, G2 returned the favor and embarrassed Fnatic. Caps went 0/3/0 while Perkz lit the rift on fire with an 11/0/3 stat line.

It wasn’t just Perkz, though. Wadid was 2/0/16 and Fnatic managed only four kills for the entire match. But those were different teams in a different meta. G2 was running a gold funnel comp and Perkz and Jankos executed it to perfection. Fnatic was still adjusting to having Bwipo in the bot lane instead of Rekkles and they looked unsure of almost every move they made.

G2 Esports Called Out Bwipo on Twitter Earlier This Week

Since then, Fnatic has only lost one game and have won their last five straight. They were the first team to defeat the unbeatable Misfits and they’re playing like the best team in Europe. Meanwhile, G2 has struggled since returning from Rift Rivals and having their gold funnel strat exposed by Echo Fox.

On top of that, the new meta makes the gold funnel comp highly ineffective and benefits more flexible and innovative teams like Fnatic.

In G2 vs Fnatic, we’ll see the two top mid laners and two of the top junglers battle it out. Then you have Wunder in the top lane for G2 who has looked nearly unstoppable at times this split. And the equally impressive Bwipo in the bot lane for Fnatic.

This is easily the match of the week, but it could even prove to be the match of the year. Catch G2 vs Fnatic on Saturday at 8 PM CEST.

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