There are a few exciting games in the EU LCS this week, but all of the hype surrounds Fnatic vs Schalke. Fnatic claimed to be the best team in Europe after they took down Misfits last week and Schalke are riding a four-game winning streak. But this grudge match is about more than just the team’s records.

The last time Schalke faced Fnatic was week one and it was a slugfest. Schalke dominated the early game and kept Caps in his place. They commanded an 8k gold lead at the twenty minute mark, but couldn’t seal the win. One bad fight in the 23rd minute was all it took to hand Fnatic the victory.


Broxah vs Amazing Is the Meta Matchup to Watch

There’s more to it than that, though. Amazing, Schalke’s jungler, lost his starting role to Broxah, Fnatic’s jungler, last year and is itching for revenge. Both junglers believe they’re the best and Broxah has gone so far as to say that he could beat Amazing and Schalke with nothing more than himself and four academy players.

Fnatic are some of the most notorious trash talkers in the league. Just this week on the EUphoria podcast, Bwipo and Broxah claimed to be undisputedly better than anyone else in Europe. Together with Caps, sOAZ and Hylissang, Fnatic are easily one of the most confident teams in the LCS. The big question is, can Schalke contain them and put them in their place?

Be sure to check out Fnatic vs Schalke on Friday night at 8 PM GMT.

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