eSports to break $2bn barrier in 2023?

SuperData have confirmed that it is predicted that the eSports industry will experience a 26% growth in the next half-decade.

Last year, the industry’s value reached new heights as it broke the $1.5bn barrier, and this rise is only expected to continue with the figure likely to reach $2.3bn by 2023.

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SuperData highlights the constant formation of new leagues as the true driver of this growth. New leagues create new sponsorship and revenue, but more importantly, generates a large number of new viewers.

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2018 has already seen the launch of the new and highly anticipated Overwatch League, whilst with regards to traditional sports, the FIFA eMLS and NBA/2K collaboration leagues are also in various stages of development.

Traditional sports such as basketball and football have unbelievably large followings, but this is common knowledge.

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The overlap between basketball and footballs fans and NBA 2K and FIFA fans is absolutely massive, and the gaming companies are doing very well to help transfer the existing fans into their own respective eSports leagues.

With PUBG right in the mix to be launched as an official eSport as well, it is highly exciting times for the entire eSports community.

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According to Max Keiser, eSports has been predicted to become the world’s second move popular sport by 2023 and will attract an audience of over 1 billion viewers.

With growth predictions being so high, there has even been talk of the Olympics including the major eSports as official sports. If you weren’t taking eSports seriously, then you should probably reconsider.

SuperData confirmed that between the months of April and October last year, over 2.1 billion hours of gaming content were viewed on Twitch and YouTube.

In fact, only yesterday the data company confirmed via their Twitter account that gaming remains the second most popular content on YouTube.

This will all come as no surprise to seasoned gaming lovers who have been backing the trend over the past decade or so.

Nonetheless, this figures of growth can only be beneficial to the entire industry as it looks to attract new investors and innovators, of which there appears to be a constant stream.

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