Clutch Gaming had a turbulent 2018. From a stellar debut performance in spring to a dismal showing in summer and the gauntlet, they had their share of highs and lows.

Unfortunately for the organization, Clutch trended downward all year and finished second to last in summer. A 6-12 record and being swept out of the gauntlet was a horrible end to to 2018 for Clutch, but not all hope is lost. The organization has already begun to prepare for next year and things are bound to get better.

Clutch Gaming parted ways with head coach David Lim towards the end of the summer split. The team was in last place and crashing hard when Lim left the Helm, but things didn’t get much better after his departure. Clutch managed to move up just one spot in the standings and were obliterated by Echo Fox in the gauntlet.


The good news for Clutch Gaming fans is that the organization isn’t afraid to make changes to get better. And a big change is exactly what Clutch needs.

During their run in spring, Clutch played inspired and hungry. But in Summer, they didn’t have that same passion. Febiven looked defeated for the most part and the rest of the squad couldn’t rally without him. What Clutch needs in 2019 is to recapture that spark.

That spark can come from anywhere: an impassioned coach, a strong veteran, a rookie who wants to prove themselves, Clutch just need to find it. They’ve proven they can win, now they just need to figure out how to do it again.

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