Cloud9 Academy beat CLG Academy to claim the title of Summer NA LCS Academy champion. Despite fumbling game one, C9A dismantled CLGA with relative ease in the best of five series.

C9A were by far and away the top academy team this split. That fact should come as little surprise to anyone, considering the fact that their team is made up of LCS caliber talent and has two players who just played in (and won) the NA LCS semifinals.

Cloud9 are Academy champions and NA LCS finalists

In game one of the Academy finals, it didn’t appear as if anyone showed up to play for Cloud9. CLG destroyed them throughout every facet of the game and took an easy win.

Then it was the C9 show for three straight games. Keith came alive in the bot lane and the rest of the squad followed suit.

Although CLG struggled as a team, it really came down to the subpar performances of Auto and Fill in the bot lane. The rest of the team had decent performances in games two and three, but couldn’t compensate for Auto and Fill dying 19 times across the two games. And by the time game four came around, nobody on CLG could stay alive (or get a kill).

Cloud9 Academy deserve the title of Summer NA LCS Academy champion. But it seems more likely than not that at least Svenskeren or Goldenglue (and probably Feng) will earn a starting role on an LCS team in the spring, so don’t expect things to be quite so lopsided next year.

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