After beating TSM in three straight matches, Cloud9 are heading to Worlds. They dropped all the way to last place during the summer split, but after clawing their way into the finals and ultimately losing 0-3 to Team Liquid, they found their redemption on Sunday.

It was a tale of two very different days for TSM. After beating Echo Fox 3-0 on Saturday, only Cloud9 stood between them and spot in Worlds. But Echo Fox didn’t show up to play on Saturday and Cloud9 were in peak form on Sunday.

Despite the fact that it was 3-0, the series was still relatively close. TSM should have won game one and could’ve easily stole game two. Instead, they narrowly lost both games and were defeated handily in game three.

Cloud9 looked strong in the final series of the NA Gauntlet

TSM had never missed Worlds going into their match on Sunday, but this simply wasn’t their year. Despite a stronger showing in summer, the veteran team just didn’t perform up to expectations in 2018.

Cloud9 had their own rough patches, but now they’re heading into Worlds with an especially strong and diverse team. Aside from falling flat in the NA Finals against Team Liquid, C9 has looked incredible over the past couple months. But they’ll be fielding one of the youngest and most inexperienced squads at Worlds this year.

Blaber, Zeyzal and Licorice are all rookies in 2018 and there’s a good chance that other teams might not be taking Cloud9 too seriously. As the third seed from NA, it won’t be an easy road, but there’s a strong case to be made for C9 as the dark horse of Worlds this year. If they can play their game and avoid making costly mistakes, the young squad could make a deep run  in Korea.

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