This split has been an unpredictable one in the NA LCS. The race for playoffs is closer than ever and C9 and TSM are feeling the pressure more than most.

C9 was easily the worst team in the first half of the summer split. But after a series of roster changes, the team has gone 5-1 over their last six games. They’re looking like one of the top teams in NA and they finally find themselves back in the playoff picture. Currently tied for fourth place, they’re only two games out of second and two games above eighth.

On the other side of the coin, you have TSM. The perennial favorites of the NA LCS, TSM find themselves in unknown territory this split. They’re currently in seventh place and one win outside of a playoff spot.

After a disappointing spring split finish, TSM just hasn’t been able to come together when it counts. Despite having more raw talent than most of the teams in North America, they simply don’t look cohesive or confident on the Rift. With a 6-8 record and 100T and Team Liquid still on their schedule, there’s a real possibility that TSM could miss playoffs for the first time in their history.

Don’t count them out yet, though. Optic are only one win ahead of them and they have an even more difficult schedule. TSM and Optic will face off in the penultimate game of season and a playoff berth could very well be on the line.

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