Afreeca Freecs have qualified for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship.

KT Rolster’s epic five-game victory over Griffin in the 2018 LCK Summer Finals secured the 1st seed. Afreeca has the most circuit points of any remaining team, and thus, has qualified as the 2nd seed from LCK.

This will be the first LoL World Championship appearance for the organization.

New Representative

This past spring, Afreeca Freecs met Kingzone DragonX in the Finals but fell short 3-1. The situation was much direr in summer — Afreeca Freecs had to play GenG in the Wild Card Playoff. If they were to succeed, they would have to face Kingzone DragonX, Griffin, and KT Rolster in a playoff gauntlet from hell.

Afreeca Freecs found redemption in the 2018 LCK Quarterfinals, defeating Kingzone DragonX 3-1 and advancing to the Semifinals. Despite falling short against Griffin 3-2, Afreeca finished the season with more championship points than Kingzone DragonX.

Kingzone DragonX’s elimination in the Quarterfinals also meant that KT Rolster would qualify for worlds regardless of the result in the finals. Afreeca had done KT Rolster a favour; now it needed one in return.

Afreeca posted the team’s reaction to KT’s victory, and their subsequent Worlds Qualification, on Twitter:

Afreeca Freecs will join KT Rolster at Worlds as a representative of South Korea. Griffin will head to the top of the 2018 LCK Regional Qualifier Gauntlet.

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