The latest Smash Bros Ultimate leaks suggest we’ll see a lot of Minecraft content in the game. In addition to rumors of a Minecraft stage and Assist Trophy, Minecraft Steve could be in the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate Roster?

Multiple leakers have suggested Minecraft Steve will be in the game. A recent Reddit post by Senjougahara__Hitagi suggested a Minecraft character will make the game.

Latest Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks - Minecraft Steve in Roster?

Senjougahara__Hitagi has posted multiple correct game leaks in the past, including Isabelle in Smash Bros Ultimate and Android 17 coming to DBFZ, both of which have now been confirmed.

They explained more about the upcoming Minecraft content in another post:

It’s Steve, I double checked. He’s playable and there will be a minecraft stage as well as other stuff in the game

The Minecraft Smash Bros Ultimate leaks were also corroborated by Vergeben, a well-known leaker in the Smash community. Although he wasn’t positive about a Minecraft character, he did back the rumor that a lot of Minecraft content will make the game.

Latest Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks - Minecraft Steve in Roster?

No leaks are 100%, but a Minecraft and Smash Bros crossover looks like a strong possibility. Many fans have made arguments for Minecraft Steve in Smash Ultimate, and Sakurai has even admitted to being a fan of the game in the past!

More Recent Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks

Other recent rumors suggest there will be a Square Enix character in Smash Bros Ultimate. There’s no word on who the character will be, but multiple leakers have backed this. Senjougahara__Hitagi noted it may come as post-launch DLC content.

One popular theory is that Sora from Kingdom Hearts will make it to the roster. Even the co-creator of Kingdom Hearts showed his support in a Tweet that was later deleted.

Other leaks say we’ll see 5 new stages and at least 2 new characters announced before the game’s release in December.

With only a few months to go, we could see some Smash Bros Ultimate news soon. Rumors say there could even be an announcement after the Tokyo Games Show at the end of September.

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