The inaugural NBA 2K League champion has been crowned.

Knicks Gaming has completed a miracle run with a 2-0 victory over Heat Check Gaming. Knicks Gaming finished the inaugural NBA 2k League season at 5-9.  Despite the sub-.500 win percentage, Knicks Gaming for playoffs through a victory in mid-season tournament The Ticket.

Knicks Gaming, not even expected to appear in the playoffs, have walked away with $300k and the inaugural NBA 2K League Championship.

One Team, One Dream, One Goal

Knicks Gaming took an early series lead behind a game 1 victory. However, the tides turned as the East Coast underdog fell behind Heat Check in game 2. Despite trailing nine points in the fourth quarter, Knicks Gaming fought back behind an MVP performance from Nathaniel “NateKahl” Kahl to take the 2-0.

NateKahl’s defensive prowess was integral in the Knicks Gaming’s run; especially when things came down to the wire in the fourth quarter of Game 2.

When you’re playing isolation basketball, the degree of difficulty it takes to come back… when you’re down nine, 10 or 11….we’ve never done it before. That was the first time that had ever happened.

What’s next for the underdog Knicks Gaming after winning the inaugural NBA 2k  League Championship? Coach Kyle “LetsBallUp_” Rudy made it clear that Knicks Gaming isn’t anywhere near satisfied.

This is just the beginning for us.

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