The latest Smash Bros Ultimate Direct confirms the final launch roster, and some fans may be let down. Ken and Incineroar are the final Smash Bros Ultimate characters to make the roster. This confirms that the previous Smash Bros Ultimate ‘Grinch Leaks’ are fake.

The ‘Grinch Leak’ showed 7 new characters in the Smash Bros ‘Everyone is Here’ art. The leak picked up steam, thanks to confirmation that the pictures came from a company working with Bandai Namco. While it turns out the Grinch leak was a hoax, it is interesting to consider where the correct leaks came from.

Vergeben Leaks Correct – Ken and Incineroar Final Launch Characters

The latest news shows that Vergeben, a leaker from the Smash Bros forum, has reputable sources regarding the game. Back in September, Vergeben told users about Incineroar and Ken in the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

The gen 7 Pokemon that isn’t Decidueye, Lycanroc, or obviously not Mimikyu is Incineroar. I finally heard that it is Incineroar from all my main Smash sources so there you have it. As for the roster, in the very least, Incineroar and Ken are left.

This makes other leaks emerging from Vergeben very interesting. In another post, he claimed a Square Enix character will make it to the roster, potentially as DLC.

I guess I might as well end by saying that if you think this game won’t be supported further after launch, well, that’s not a smart assumption to make. The Square Enix character that I heard about is an interesting exception in all of this when it comes to the box theory and my knowledge of there being a character of theirs comes from someone who’s never had a habit of being wrong. Even if that really is all for launch, it’s not the end.

He also claims that Minecraft Steve could be in Smash Bros Ultimate in a Reddit post.

While many popular characters didn’t make it to the launch roster, it’s very likely we’ll see more as DLC in future. However, the first DLC character will be Piranha Plant according to the Smash Bros Direct.

More Smash Bros Ultimate News

Unfortunately, some other popular characters won’t make it to the roster. The new Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies include Isaac, Shadow the Hedgehog, Spring Man, and Black Shadow. It’s possible that Assist Trophies could become roster characters in future. However, for now, it looks like these characters won’t make it to the roster anytime soon.

The final Smash Bros Ultimate Direct also features updates on Online Play, new music, and Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Mode. You can watch the full broadcast on YouTube here.

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