The first Smash Ultimate DLC Pack character has been announced! We’ll soon see Joker from Persona 5 in Smash Bros Ultimate, as part of the DLC Challenger Pack 1. The DLC Pack will also include a Persona 5 stage along with music from Persona 5. Here’s more on the latest announcement.

Joker from Persona 5 in Smash Bros Ultimate

Joker from Persona 5 was revealed in a surprise announcement tonight at The Game awards 2018. While many expected characters such as Banjo-Kazooie or Geno from Super Mario RPG, Joker came as a complete surprise to fans.

Joker will come as part of the Smash Ultimate Challenger Pack 1. Nintendo previously announced 5 DLC Packs to come containing new characters, stages, and music- this will be the first.

While players can get Piranha Plant DLC free, Joker will be part of the first paid DLC Pack. DLC Packs will cost $5.99 each. Players can also buy the Fighters Pass for $24.99, which will give them all 5 DLC Packs.

Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Challenger Pack 1

In addition to Joker from Persona 5 in Smash Bros Ultimate, Challenger Pack 1 will also include a new stage and music from the game.

In an interview at The Game Awards, Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aimé spoke about the new Challenger Pack:

This gives you a flavor for how we’re approaching the DLC. So the DLC there’s going to be 5 characters, each character will come with a stage, it will come with a collection of music, these are going to be characters that are new to the series, just like Joker from Persona 5. Characters that you would not anticipate in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

While no release date is set for Challenger Pack 1, a previous Sakurai interview revealed DLC Packs will most likely start in February 2019. There are five DLC Packs planned for the game, although it won’t be until February 2020 that all five are released.

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