We might not have an official Nintendo Direct yet, but Nintendo will host an Indie Highlights direct feed. The broadcast will cover some of the new indie games coming this year to the Nintendo Switch. Here’s more on the Indie Highlights Feed, when it is, and how to watch.

Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights – When & How To Watch

The Indie Highlights feed starts today, 23rd of January, at 14:00 GMT (9:00 EST). The video will go into detail about new indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to indie games. Games like Stardew Valley, Celeste, Dead Cells, and Owlboy, are already available on the console. Shovel Knight is also on the Switch, and the character even made it into Super Smash Bros Ultimate as an Assist Trophy!

The Indie Highlights hub shows us some of what will feature. This includes games like Windjammers 2, Terraria, Slay the Spire, Undertale, and more.

The Indie Highlights video should start on the Nintendo Indie Highlights Hub at 14:00 GMT. It will also be available on the Nintendo UK YouTube Channel.

When Is The Next Nintendo Direct?

While we’ll get an Indie Switch games broadcast, there’s still no word on a full Nintendo Direct for January. Will there be another January Direct?

Usually, a January Nintendo Direct happens every year. What’s more, there’s a lot of news to cover. With the Metroid Prime 4 release date leaked, Persona 5 R coming to Switch, and new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC on the horizon, Nintendo have a lot to talk about.

If we don’t get a January Nintendo Direct within the next week, expect to see one in February. Historically, Nintendo hold a Nintendo Direct broadcast every January within the first couple of weeks. It seems that this year, they may save their yearly announcements until next month.

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