Gamers around the world have been reacting to an emotional video posted by G2 gamer, Fabian, as the Rainbox Six Siege legend leaves the G2 squad.

It was announced in March that G2 and Fabian would part ways with one another. Fabian has been part of huge success for G2 over the years, helping them to a host of titles including winning the Six Invitational in 2019.

G2 Fabian (

However, Fabian will now move on after the team crashed out in the 2020 tournament, as reported by The Loadout previously.

Much was made of Fabian’s departure from the squad. The 26-year-old – real name Fabian Hallsten – seemed to suggest on his Twitter account (via Reddit) back in March that it was a mutual decision. However, some rumours persist that there had been a fallout between Fabian and G2.

Regardless of how the move came about, it seems things are ending on good terms. Indeed, G2 shared a video this week of Fabian thanking and saying goodbye to his teammates and coaches.

Fans say goodbye as Fabian leaves G2

It seems that Fabian has left quite the impact on the esports world and, in particular, those who follow G2 closely.

A whole raft of supporters took time out to tweet in response to the video from G2, with plenty of praise from fans, fellow players, and analysts around the globe.

It seems the Swede has left quite the impression on the Rainbow Six esports world, as demonstrated in these replies from Twitter.

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