The IEM Minor Open Qualifiers are currently underway and a new rule change means players can stream while they play! IEM made the announcement today that players in the qualifier can stream their PoV as long as it isn’t covered by one of their casters.

With tons of players participating, including popular players and CS:GO streamers like apEX, NBK, hazed, fl0m, and pronax, this is good news for fans. The rule will apply to all qualifiers, including the ongoing EU and NA Qualifiers.

IEM Minor Qualifier Teams

The IEM Minor Open Qualifiers will run throughout October and November. The first phase of the Europe and North America qualifiers started yesterday and will then be followed by qualifiers for South America, the CIS region, and Asia.

The teams currently competing in the IEM Europe Minor Open Qualifier include Fragsters, Endpoint, ZERO, Chaos, Imperial, 3DMAX, Vitality, and Sprout.

The new CS:GO Team Vitaly might be the most interesting to watch. The team features ex major-champions apEX, NBK, and Happy, along with RPK and ZywOo.

They recently faced off against LeftOut- a team featuring ScreaM, kioshima, xms, nukkye, and Maikelele. Vitality came out on top to further themselves in the tournament.

Teams playing in the first IEM Americas Minor Open Qualifier include Mythic, Furia eSports, Team One, blitz reborn, Bravado Gaming, Team Singularity.

Players have already been taking advantage of the new rule. For instance, NA streamer fl0m streamed Mythic’s qualifier matches on Twitch.

Upcoming IEM Minor Qualifiers Schedule

There will be multiple open qualifiers for each region, including Europe, North America, South America, CIS, Oceania, as well as various parts of Asia. These will take place all throughout October and November.

Teams who qualify will then go through to their respective closed qualifiers to face off against invited teams. These kick off with the Asia Closed Qualifiers on November 15 – 16.

The South American, CIS, and Oceanic Closed Qualifiers will then take place from November 17 – 19. Finally, Europe and North American Closed Qualifiers last from December 12 – 14.

You can view the full schedule of the Qualifier tournaments on Liquipedia. Players and casters will be streaming matches throughout.

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