The IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major continues today with the New Legends stage. And, once again, the teams involved have ranked all the teams in attendance based on how good they think they are. Here are the IEM Katowice Team Rankings and first matchups for the Legends Stage.

IEM Katowice Team Rankings – New Legends Stage

The IEM Katowice 2019 Team Rankings are made by the teams themselves. Each team ranks all other teams in order to create fair and even matchups. The New Legends stage rankings are as follows.

  1. Astralis
  2. Team Liquid
  3. NaVi
  4. MIBR
  5. FaZe Clan
  6. NRG Esports
  7. BIG
  8. ENCE Esports
  9. Renegades
  10. Team Vitality
  11. Ninjas In Pyjamas
  12. HellRaisers
  13. Cloud9
  14. G2 Esports
  16. Complexity Gaming

The matchups are based off of these rankings. So #1 team Astralis will face #16 Complexity, #2 Liquid will face #15 AVANGAR and so on.

IEM Katowice New Legends Stage First Matchups

IEM have also revealed the first matchups for the New Legends stage. Here are the first matches for the New Legends Stage of the CS:GO Major.

  • ENCE Esports vs Renegades
  • BIG vs Team Vitality
  • NaVi vs G2 Esports
  • FaZe Clan vs HellRaisers
  • NRG Esports vs Ninjas In Pyjamas
  • Team Liquid vs AVANGAR
  • MIBR vs Cloud9
  • Astralis vs Complexity Gaming

Each team needs to win 3 matches in order to qualify. While the first two matches will be Bo1 games, the following matches will be Best of 3 Series. As such, all qualifying and elimination matches will be Bo3 games.

This gives every team a fair chance to qualify against evenly matched teams. Teams which rack up 3 losses will be eliminated. The Top 8 teams who win 3 of their games will advance to the Champions Stage.

While the rankings seem accurate, we’re likely to see some upsets. Teams like AVANGAR and Vitality may be underrated, while highly ranked teams may not live up to expectations.

The IEM Katowice 2019 New Legends stage starts today. You can find more information on the IEM Katowice website.

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