Much like in previous majors, the final day of the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major will feature an IEM Katowice Showmatch. However, this time it will have an interesting twist.

While past show matches usually involve regular Competitive CS:GO matches (albeit often with new maps), this one will be on Danger Zone. We’ll see some CS:GO pros (and possibly some broadcast talent) go head-to-head in a 16-player Danger Zone Battle Royale.

IEM Katowice Showmatch – Danger Zone Showmatch

The IEM Katowice 2019 Danger Zone Showmatch will feature eight teams of two players. The teams are yet to be announced, but IEM promises some of the “best players in the world”.

The game will be a Best of 2 series. While there isn’t any money on the line, the winning duo will be immortalized with a graffiti on the Danger Zone Blacksite map dedicated to them.

Who Will Be In The IEM Katowice Showmatch?

The players for the IEM Katowice Danger Zone exhibition are yet to be announced. However, with IEM promising some of the world’s best players, we should see a good lineup.

Showmatches usually take players from eliminated teams. Depending on how the Major pans out, we could see players like s1mple, FalleN, Stewie2k, dev1ce or NiKo.

Broadcast talent also often feature in showmatches. With 16 players to fill the ranks, we could see a mix of both talent and pro player teams.

There will also be a Polish influencer showmatch earlier in the week. The winner of this will feature in the Danger Zone showmatch.

When Is The IEM Katowice Showmatch?

The IEM website explains that the showmatch will act as an appetizer to the Grand Final. As such, the showmatch should play out on March 3rd.

The Grand Final of the IEM Katowice Major is currently set for 18:00 GMT (13:00 EST/10:00 PST).

As such, the showmatch should run around an hour or two before this time. More details will likely come out soon via the IEM Twitter account.

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