The IEM Katowice 2019 Challengers Stage is now done. Starting tomorrow, we’ll see the IEM Katowice New Legends Stage teams go head to head to advance to the next stage. The eight top teams will qualify while the eight bottom teams will go home. Here are our IEM Katowice Pick’Em Predictions for the Legends Stage.

IEM Katowice Pick’Em Predictions – Legends Stage

The Challengers Stage had some significant upsets, including fnatic leaving early. It’s likely we’ll also see some surprise results from the New Legends stage. However, here are some guesses on how the event will play out.

IEM Katowice Pick'Em Predictions - Legends Stage

Team Liquid is a solid choice for a 3-0 team. Since recruiting Stewie2k, they’ve looked better than ever, even beating Astralis at IBP Masters 2019.

Astralis is still the #1 team in the world and should be a lock to qualify. They also have a good chance of going 3-0. However, they may face more adversity here than last Major.

NRG is also a very solid side. They went 3-0 in the Challengers Stage and should be able to rack up at least 3 wins here.

ENCE have also shown they’re tough competitors. While the Legends Stage will be more of a struggle, they could qualify 3-1 or 3-2.

FaZe Clan is always a threat. Bar some big upsets, they should have no problem making it through to the Champions Stage.

MIBR had a poor run of form last year. They’ve now gone back to their previous roster with TACO and felps. This looks like it should be a major improvement and bring them back to their strong, tactical form of the past.

NaVi have openly spoken about being underprepared. However, the team always steps up- especially thanks to star players s1mple and electronic. They may have some tough matches, but shouldn’t go home this early.

BIG is one of the most interesting teams in attendance. Gob b’s tactical leadership often leads to upsets over more accomplished teams. With the addition of XANTARES, they should be a very strong team. However, anything is possible.

This leaves Renegades, Vitality, AVANGAR, NiP, Cloud9, HellRaisers, and compLexity. Many of these also have a good chance to qualify. Vitality and Renegades, in particular, look very strong.

Despite the experience of NiP, Cloud9, and G2, they struggled various times in the Challengers stage and will likely also struggle with the step up in competition.

IEM Katowice 2019 Major Legends Stage Start Date

The New Legends Stage of IEM Katowice 2019 starts tomorrow, February 20th, and continues till the 24th.

Once again, teams will need 3 wins to qualify or 3 losses before being eliminated. Qualifying and elimination matches will be Bo3, giving teams plenty of chances.

To find out how to watch, you can check out streams on the IEM Katowice 2019 website.

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