The IEM Katowice 2019 Champions Stage is coming up, and you can now make Champions Stage Pick’Em Predictions. Eight teams have made it into the top eight, and now every Bo3 series counts. The teams that lose will instantly be out of the tournament, while the winners will progress to compete for the championship. Here are our IEM Katowice Pick’Em Predictions for the Champions Stage

IEM Katowice 2019 Pick’Em Predictions

IEM Katowice Pick'Em Predictions - Champions Stage

Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

While NiP have stepped up and had some impressive games, they did only scrape through the Legends Stage 3-2. With losses to Team Liquid and MIBR, they’ll struggle against the firepower and experience of Astralis.

Prediction: Astralis 2-0

MIBR vs Renegades

MIBR are a top 4 team with wild inconsistencies. Meanwhile, Renegades are ranked much lower, but have shown some incredible consistency and teamwork. Renegades went through the Challengers and Legends stage 6-1. What’s more, they have plenty of experience against the MIBR roster. This should be a win for the Australian side.

Prediction: Renegades 2-1

Team Liquid vs ENCE

Both of these teams have shown that they work together well, with a mix of experience and star power. ENCE have shown during this tournament that they could be a consistent Top 10 team. However, Team Liquid have shown repeatedly why they’re #2 in the world. Liquid should handle business here.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-0

Natus Vincere vs FaZe

This is a tough one to call. Both of these teams have the potential for incredible performances, but a lot of it lies on the shoulders of their star players. However, NaVi have shown more consistency in making it to semifinals. This should be their win, although it could be tough.

Prediction: Natus Vincere 2-1


Astralis vs Renegades

As impressive as Renegades have been throughout the tournament, Astralis have shown that they’re still at the top of their game. An upset isn’t out of the question, but an Astralis win seems much more likely.

Prediction: Astralis 2-0

Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere

Both extremely experienced teams that have faced off many times before. This one could go either way, but recent results lean towards Team Liquid making it to the grand finals.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-1

Grand Final

Astralis vs Team Liquid

An Astralis vs Team Liquid Grand Final seems like a good likelihood at IEM Katowice (although, perhaps too likely). Astralis have won most of their matchups, but Team Liquid look even better in 2019. This has the potential to be a great Grand Final, assuming no upsets derail this from happening in the first place.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-1

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