If there were any doubts over who’s the best Smash Bros Melee Player of 2018, Hungrybox eliminated them this weekend. At The Big House 8, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma dominated the competition, giving him his 13th event win of 2018.

The Big House 8 Melee Singles tournament was filled with names such as Plup, Mang0, Zain, Leffen, SFAT, and Swedish Delight. Here’s how it went down.

Hungrybox Beats Plup to Win The Big House 8 Melee

It was an impressive tournament for Hungrybox. He took out five opponents in the Winners Bracket on his route to the finals. Not only did he beat them, but he did it all in 3-0 victories with no one managing to take a single game from him.

Plup’s route was a little rockier. After losing to Bananas, he came up through the Loser’s Bracket. But he came back big, beating nine players including Leffen, Zain, and Mang0 to make it to the Grand Finals.

But when it came to the Grand Finals, Plup’s resilience was no match for Hungrybox’s dominance. The final largely mimicked the finals of last year’s The Big House 7, giving Hbox back-to-back wins in the event.

You can check out all the VoDs of the event at Twitch.tv/VGBootCamp.

Hungrybox – The Best Smash Bros Melee Player of 2018

Hbox has had an incredible run in 2018, with 13 event wins and 7-second places.

He’s now won around $42,000 in 2018 and $297,000 overall in Melee, putting him right behind Armada as the highest-earning Melee player of all time.

With Armada recently retiring from Melee singles, Hungrybox is the clear number one in Smash Bros Melee. But with Plup and Leffen gaining experience and Zain on the rise, things could change in 2019.

The Big House 8 Results

Melee Singles aside, there was a lot more action at The Big House 8 this weekend.

Cosmos won the Smash Bros for WiiU singles, beating ESAM to cap-off an undefeated run. Elegant and BestNess beat Tweek and Cosmos to win the WiiU Doubles.

SFAT and PewPewU took out ChuDat and Hungrybox to win the Melee Doubles tournament.

SuPeRbOoMfAn once again asserted his dominance in Smash Bros 64, beating Josh Brody in the grand finals. But it wasn’t a total loss- Josh Brody and Shears beat Dogs_Johnson and B33F to win the Smash 64 doubles.

You can view all of the brackets and results at Smash.gg.

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