Wolf is one of the top tier characters in Smash Bros Ultimate. His speed and agility make him one of the best characters to main. However, you will have to spend a little time unlocking him. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Wolf in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Wolf In Smash Bros Ultimate

The quickest way to unlock Wolf in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is via Classic Mode. If you start Classic Mode as Fox, you can unlock Wolf within 7 games.

With each Classic Mode run taking around 10 minutes, this should take around 70 minutes or less. You can reduce the time by playing on an easier difficulty setting. While you can also unlock Wolf in Smash Mode or World of Light, these methods will take longer.

How To Unlock Wolf In Classic Mode

You can unlock Wolf in Classic Mode within 7 games. The Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows that Wolf is the 8th character in Fox’s unlock chain.

Fox > Captain Falcon > Zero Suit Samus > Peach > Falco > Daisy > Bowser Jr. > Wolf > Mewtwo > Sonic

This means that Fox will unlock Captain Falcon, who will unlock Zero Suit Samus and so on. You can use any of the characters prior to Wolf to unlock him, but you’ll only unlock him after the other 6 unlockable characters.

How To Unlock Wolf In Smash Mode

If you prefer playing Smash Mode battles, you can also unlock Wolf in this way. Generally, the game allows you to unlock a new character every 10 minutes after battling. However, you may be able to shorten this using this method.

However, unlocking Wolf this way will still take some time. Wolf is the 51st character you unlock using this method.

How To Unlock Wolf In World of Light

Alternatively, you can unlock Smash Bros Ultimate characters in the World of Light Adventure Mode.

Wolf can be found in the Mysterious Dimension area of the World of Dark. You won’t reach this point until many hours into the game, making it the slowest way to unlock him.

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