Wondering how to unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate? Much like with how to unlock Smash Bros Ultimate characters, there are multiple methods. Spirits are like character stickers that you can apply to your fighters for stat boosts. These can be used in battles across various modes, including Online Mode!

So how do you unlock Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Here’s what we know so far.

How To Unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate

Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate can be unlocked either from the Spirits menu or in the World of Light story mode.

The Spirits Board allows you to instantly take part in battles to acquire Spirits. These battles involve characters from the roster and Assist Trophies, along with certain conditions.

How to Unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate

For instance, to unlock the Owain Spirit from Fire Emblem, you’ll face off against Chrom, who will also have increased power melee weapons. The fighters and conditions vary from battle to battle.

How to Unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate

After completing a Spirits battle, you’ll get the chance to unlock it by aiming at it with a ray gun. If you miss, it will be weakened and you can unlock it upon another attempt.

How To Unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light

In World of Light, you’ll travel across a world map getting into battles with various characters. Some of these battles unlock Fighters for the Smash Ultimate roster, whereas others can unlock Spirits.

Gameplay footage from GameXplain shows how you can fight and unlock Spirits in World of Light.

How To Use Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Primary Spirits are used to add certain powers to fighters. These also have slots for Secondary Spirits, which can extra stat boosts. These can be equipped in Battles, World of Light, and even Online Matches to add perks to your character.

How to Unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate

Some have perks which can help you in specific scenarios. For instance, when taking part in a battle with Poison Traps in Spirits Mode, you can equip a Spirit to prevent poison.

You can train Spirits by using them or even in a Dojo or Gym in the Spirits menu.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Shop Leaks

New game leaks from Super Smash Bros Ultimate also show that there will be a Spirits Shop. This is where you can buy items to level your Spirits up, trade them in for cores to make new Spirits and a lot more.

New information on the Spirits Shop was compiled in a Reddit post by u/ZXLucario.

It seems that Support Spirits can help with Attack, Defence, Movement, Item Boosts, Healing, Transforming, Taming the Environment, and Luck. There are multiple items to help Spirits level up, as well as training equipment to use in the Dojo or Gym.

With 1,297 leaked Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits to unlock, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time here!

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