Street Fighter Ryu is one of the biggest third-party characters to make the Smash Bros roster. Originally a DLC Fighter in Smash Bros for WiiU, he now makes his return in Smash Bros Ultimate. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Ryu in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Ryu In Smash Bros Ultimate

The quickest way to unlock Ryu in Smash Ultimate is by playing Classic Mode 3 times. Start as Yoshi and complete three Classic Mode runs using Yoshi or the characters you unlock after.

With each game of Classic Mode taking around 10 minutes, you can unlock Ryu in around 30 minutes or less. You can also unlock Ryu via Smash Mode or World of Light, although these methods generally take longer.

How To Unlock Ryu In Classic Mode

You can unlock Ryu in Classic Mode after 3 games. Following the Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order, Ryu is the fourth character in Yoshi’s unlock chain.

Yoshi > Lucario > Marth > Ryu > Ganondorf > Lucina > Ridley > Chrom > Ken > Sonic

Completing Classic Mode as Yoshi will unlock Lucario. You can then use Lucario or Yoshi again to unlock Marth. After that, using Marth, Lucario or Yoshi will unlock Ryu. This should only take around 30 minutes or less, depending on the difficulty and how fast you complete each run.

How To Unlock Ryu In Smash Mode

You can also use regular Smash Mode to unlock Ryu. You can generally unlock a new character every 10 minutes (providing you have built up enough movement in the game), but you can reset the timer by closing the software and resetting the game.

Ryu is the 13th character you unlock using this method, meaning it’s still relatively fast. But while this is the fastest way to unlock all characters, you might find it quicker to use Classic Mode if you’re looking to unlock Ryu specifically.

How To Unlock Ryu In World of Light

You can also unlock Ryu in World of Light, the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode.

You can unlock Ryu in World of Light by completing the World Tour Zone. You can find this at the Airport near the Great Plateau once you have the Kapp’n Spirit.

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