In addition to Simon Belmont, Super Smash Bros Ultimate also features Richter Belmont as an Echo Fighter. The two have most of the same moves and traits, but you will need to unlock them separately. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Richter Belmont in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Richter Belmont in Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Richter Belmont is in Classic Mode. You’ll need to play Classic Mode 7 times, starting with Link and following his unlock chain.

This will take around 70 minutes or less, depending on how fast you complete each game of Classic Mode. While you can also unlock Richter using Smash Mode or World of Light, these methods will also take a while.

How To Unlock Richter Belmont in Classic Mode

You can unlock Richter in Classic Mode in Smash Bros Ultimate by starting as Link and playing 7 games of Classic Mode. The Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows that Richter is the 8th character in Link’s unlock chain.

Link > King K Rool > Ice Climbers > Simon Belmont > Meta Knight > Snake > Young Link > Richter Belmont > Toon Link > Sonic

Completing Classic Mode as Link will unlock King K Rool. After that, playing as Link or King K Rool will unlock Ice Climbers and so on. This method should take around 70 minutes or less to unlock Richter.

How To Unlock Richter Belmont in Smash Mode

You can unlock every character in the game using Smash Mode. Usually, there’s a cooldown of around 10 minutes between unlocking characters, and you’ll also need to rack up some movement in the game. However, resetting the game can cut this down to a new unlock every 1-2 minutes.

However, using this method to unlock Richter will still take a while. He’s the 35th character to be unlocked via this method, meaning using Classic Mode may work out quicker.

How To Unlock Richter Belmont in World of Light

You can also unlock Richter Belmont in the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode, World of Light.

You can find Richter in the Dracula’s Castle area of World of Light. However, you’ll need to beat all the Spirits in the area for him to appear. This happens many hours into the game, making this the slowest way to unlock Richter Belmont.

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