In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pichu is better than ever. Pichu is even considered a top tier character on some pro players’ Smash Ultimate tier lists. But you will have to put in a little work to unlock him first. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Pichu in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Pichu In Smash Bros Ultimate

The quickest way to unlock Pichu in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is to play Classic Mode 7 times, starting as Pikachu. This way, you’ll unlock Pikachu, Villager, Shulk, R.O.B., Mega Man, Isabelle, Mr. Game and Watch, and then Pichu.

This should take around 70 minutes or less depending on how fast you complete each Classic Mode game. While you can also unlock Pichu in World of Light or Smash Mode, these methods will take longer.

How To Unlock Pichu In Classic Mode

To unlock Pichu in Classic Mode, start as Pikachu and play 7 times. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows Pichu is the 8th character in Pikachu’s unlock chain.

Pikachu > Villager > Shulk > R.O.B. > Mega Man > Isabelle > Mr Game and Watch > Pichu > Sonic > Bayonetta

With each Classic Mode run taking around 10 minutes on average, this should take around 70 minutes. You may be able to shorten this by playing on a lower difficulty setting.

How To Unlock Pichu In Smash Mode

You can also unlock Pichu by playing regular Smash Mode battles. While you can usually unlock a new character every 10 minutes this way, resetting the game software allows you to do it every couple of minutes.

However, it will still take a while to unlock Pichu using this method. Pichu is the 34th character you’ll unlock this way, meaning it’s better to use Classic Mode if you want to unlock Pichu fast.

How To Unlock Pichu in World of Light

You can also unlock Pichu in World of Light, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode.

You can find Pichu in the Power Plant area of World of Light. Make your way through the Power Plant to eventually find Pichu and unlock him.

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