Peach is one of the top tier characters in Smash Bros Ultimate. It’s fairly easy to unlock Peach in Smash Ultimate, either via Classic Mode, Smash Mode or World of Light. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Peach in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Peach in Smash Bros Ultimate

You can unlock Peach fast by playing Classic Mode 3 times using either Fox, Captain Falcon or Zero Suit Samus. This should take around 30 minutes or less.

It’s also fairly quick to unlock Peach in Smash Mode. If you reset the game between unlocks, you can potentially unlock her in around 30 minutes using this method also. However, Classic Mode is the fastest surefire way to unlock Peach.

How To Unlock Peach in Classic Mode

You can unlock Peach in 3 games of Classic Mode. The character unlock order in Smash Bros Ultimate shows that Peach is the fourth character in Fox’s Classic Mode unlock chain.

Fox > Captain Falcon > Zero Suit Samus > Peach

This means you can complete Classic Mode as Fox to unlock Captain Falcon. Then, use Fox or Captain Falcon to unlock Zero Suit Samus. After this, you can use Fox, Captain Falcon or Zero Suit Samus to unlock Peach.

How To Unlock Peach in Smash Mode

Peach is the 12th character you can unlock using Smash Mode. Using this method, the game allows you to unlock a new character around every 10 minutes (providing you have covered enough distance in the game).

However, a trick allows you to reset the game and unlock a character every 2 minutes or so.

Using this method correctly should enable you to unlock Peach within around 30 minutes or so, although using Classic Mode is just as effective.

How To Unlock Peach in World of Light

You can also unlock Peach using the Spirits Adventure mode, World of Light.

You’ll find Peach in the Molten Fortress area of the World of Light map. You can then fight her to unlock her. You can reach this point at around 3 hours into the game, making it the slowest way to unlock Peach.

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