Palutena is one of the best characters in Smash Bros Ultimate according to the latest Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List. But you will have to put in some work to unlock the Goddess of Light. Here’s how to unlock Palutena in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Palutena in Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Palutena in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is to play Classic Mode 8 times. If you start as Kirby, you’ll unlock Palutena after 5 games.

This should take around 80 minutes or less. While you can also unlock Palutena in Smash Mode and World of Light, she’s one of the last characters you’ll unlock via these methods, meaning Classic Mode is significantly faster.

How To Unlock Palutena In Classic Mode

You can unlock Palutena after 8 games of Classic Mode, starting as Kirby. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows Palutena is the 9th character in Kirby’s unlock chain.

Kirby > Ness > Jigglypuff > Pac-Man > Zelda > Robin > Corrin > Lucas > Palutena > Sonic

You can play as Kirby 8 times or as any of the characters you unlock subsequently. You’ll unlock Palutena after unlocking the other 7. With each Classic Mode game taking around 10 minutes on average, this should take 80 minutes or less.

How To Unlock Palutena In Smash Mode

You can also unlock all the characters of Smash Bros Ultimate in Smash Mode. Usually, you can unlock a character every 10 minutes. But resetting the game allows you to unlock characters at a much faster rate.

However, Palutena is the 63rd and final character you unlock using this method. As such, you’ll have to spend a few hours trying to unlock her.

How To Unlock Palutena In World of Light

You can also get Palutena in World of Light, the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode.

However, you won’t find Palutena until the Final Battle of World of Light, near the Mythra Spirit. This is the slowest way to unlock her.

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