Ryu is now joined by Street Fighter counterpart Ken in the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. While Ken is an Echo Fighter of Ryu, you’ll need to unlock the two characters separately. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Ken In Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate is via Classic Mode. You’ll need to play Classic Mode 8 times, starting as Yoshi.

This should take around 80 minutes or less, depending on how fast you complete each Classic Mode run. Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to unlock Ken. While you can also unlock him via Smash Mode or World of Light, these methods will also take a while.

How To Unlock Ken In Classic Mode

To unlock Ken in Classic Mode, you’ll need to play 8 games The Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows that Ken is the 9th character in Yoshi’s unlock chain.

Yoshi > Lucario > Marth > Ryu > Ganondorf > Lucina > Ridley > Chrom > Ken > Sonic

This means you can unlock Ken by playing as Yoshi 8 times or as any of the other unlocked characters. With each Classic Mode run taking around 10 minutes on average, you can unlock Ken in around 80 minutes. Playing on a lower difficulty and completing each game faster will help.

How To Unlock Ken In Smash Mode

You can also unlock Ken by playing battles in Smash Mode. The game generally allows you to unlock a new character every 10 minutes this way. However, you can reset the timer by exiting the software and resetting the game.

However, Ken is the 57th character you unlock using this method, so it will still take a while to unlock him.

How To Unlock Ken In World of Light

Alternatively, you can unlock Ken in the World of Light Adventure Mode.

You unlock Ken in Dracula’s Castle. You won’t reach this point until much later in the game, making it the slowest way to unlock Ken in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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