Incineroar is one of the latest additions to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. The Gen 8 Pokémon uses a mix of wrestling moves in battle. You can unlock Incineroar in Classic Mode, Smash Mode or World of Light. Here’s how to unlock Incineroar in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Incineroar In Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Incineroar in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is by playing Classic Mode 4 times, starting as Samus.

This should only take around 40 minutes or less. While you can also unlock Incineroar in Smash Mode and World of Light, these methods will take significantly longer.

How To Unlock Incineroar In Classic Mode

You can unlock Incineroar in Classic Mode in 4 games. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order shows that Incineroar is the 5th character in Samus’ unlock chain.

Samus > Inkling > Wii Fit Trainer > Pit > Incineroar > Dark Samus > Cloud > Wario > Dark Pit > Sonic

This means you can unlock Incineroar by playing as Samus 4 times, or as one of the characters you unlock subsequently. You’ll unlock Incineroar after unlocking Pit. With each Classic Mode game taking around 10 minutes on average, this should only take around 40 minutes. You may be able to shorten this by playing on a lower difficulty.

How To Unlock Incineroar In Smash Mode

You can also unlock every Smash Bros Ultimate character in Smash Mode. While the game usually allows you to unlock a new character every 10 minutes, you can reset the timer by resetting the software.

This is the fastest way to unlock all characters in Smash Ultimate, but it’ll take a while to unlock Incineroar using this method. Incineroar is the 46th character you unlock this way, meaning it’ll take longer than using Classic Mode.

How To Unlock Incineroar In World of Light

You can also unlock Incineroar in World of Light, the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode.

Incineroar is found in the Dark Realm area. You won’t reach this point until many hours into the game, making this the slowest way to unlock Incineroar.

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