Ganondorf is back again in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You can unlock him via Classic Mode, Smash Mode, or the World of Light Adventure Mode. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Ganondorf in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Ganondorf in Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Ganondorf in Smash Bros Ultimate is by using Classic Mode. You can unlock Ganondorf after 4 games of Classic Mode, starting with Yoshi. This should only take around 40 minutes or less.

You can also unlock Ganondorf via Smash Mode or World of Light, although these methods will probably take longer.

How To Unlock Ganondorf in Classic Mode

It’ll take 4 runs of Classic Mode to unlock Ganondorf. Following the Smash Bros Ultimate character unlock order, he’s the fifth character in Yoshi’s unlock chain.

Yoshi > Lucario > Marth > Ryu > Ganondorf > Lucina > Ridley > Chrom > Ken > Sonic

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You can use Yoshi to unlock Lucario, then Yoshi or Lucario to unlock Marth and so on. With each Classic Mode run taking around 10 minutes, it should take around 40 minutes or less to unlock Ganondorf.

How To Unlock Ganondorf in Smash Mode

You can unlock every Smash Ultimate character in Smash Mode. Usually, the game will make you wait 10 minutes (and until you’ve covered a certain amount of distance) to unlock a new character. However, you can speed up the process by resetting the game software.

Ganondorf is the 40th character you’ll unlock via this method, so unlocking him using Smash Mode will take a while.

How To Unlock Ganondorf In World of Light

Alternatively, you can unlock Ganondorf in the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode, World of Light.

You can find Ganondorf in the Sacred Land area of the Dark Realm. However, you won’t get the chance to do this until much later in the game. This is the slowest way to unlock Ganondorf.

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