Super Smash Bros Ultimate introduces Dark Samus as Samus’ Echo Fighter. You unlock Dark Samus individually from Samus herself, but it is quite easy to do so. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Dark Samus in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock Dark Samus in Smash Bros Ultimate

The fastest way to unlock Dark Samus in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is by playing Classic Mode 5 times. If you start with Samus, you can unlock Inkling, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Incineroar, and then Dark Samus.

This should take around 50 minutes or less. While you can also unlock Dark Samus in World of Light or Smash Mode, these methods will take significantly longer than using Classic Mode.

How To Unlock Dark Samus In Classic Mode

You can unlock Dark Samus in Classic Mode within 5 games. In the Smash Ultimate character unlock order, Dark Samus is the sixth character in Samus’ unlock chain.

Samus > Inkling > Wii Fit Trainer > Pit > Incineroar > Dark Samus > Cloud > Wario > Dark Pit > Sonic

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You can use Samus to unlock Inkling, then Samus or Inkling to unlock Wii Fit Trainer and so on. With each Classic Mode run taking around 10 minutes, this method should take around 50 minutes or less- especially on lower difficulties.

How To Unlock Dark Samus In Smash Mode

You can unlock every character in Smash Bros Ultimate via the Smash Mode. The game allows you to unlock a new character around every 10 minutes (although you must have covered a certain amount of distance in the game). However, there is a trick to reset the timer and unlock all characters extremely fast.

While this is the fastest way to unlock all characters in Smash Ultimate, it’s better to use Classic Mode if you want to unlock Dark Samus fast. Dark Samus is the 50th character you’ll unlock via this method, meaning it’ll take much longer than Classic Mode.

How To Unlock Dark Samus In World Of Light

You can also unlock Dark Samus in the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode, World of Light. However, you won’t get the chance to unlock Dark Samus until the end of the game.

Dark Samus can be unlocked in the Dark Realm right at the Final Battle. As such, this is by far the slowest way to unlock Dark Samus, and you’ll be much better served by using Classic Mode or Smash Mode if you want to use Dark Samus fast.

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